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Big Blue Ocean Cleanup


1. The prize of a ‘half day (4 hours) service’ is applicable to any suitable site within a 100-mile radius of our base located in Burton Upon Trent.


2. Once a winner has been drawn, we will notify them within 7 days to arrange a suitable time for the service to take place, this must be delivered by 31/12/2022.


3. If the winner would like to upgrade the prize to a full days (8 hours) service, this can be arranged for the usual half day fee of £350.00 plus VAT.


4. The prize consists of a half day visit to a nominated site, whereupon P&D Marine Services Ltd will perform a ‘cleaning’ operation as agreed with the winner. All gathered rubbish, detritus or material of any kind will be disposed off in the winners waste/ recycling bins.

P&D Marine Services Ltd cannot transport it elsewhere.


5. Hazardous materials; if it is known or suspected that there be materials that are hazardous in nature within the water, this must be notified to P&D Marine Services Ltd before the visit.


6. If the site being ‘cleaned’ is subject to any local regulations, restrictions or permissions of any kind, this information must be shared with P&D Marine Services Ltd at the time of booking and prior to the visit.

Please note such matters are ultimately the responsibility of the customer/prize winner.


7. P&D Marine Services carry liability insurance to the value of £10,000,000.


8. P&D Marine Services will also use the visit to gain marketing material along with possibly inviting other third parties to view the operation whilst it is underway. This will not detract from the service being provided.


9. The prize cannot be exchanged for any alternative goods or services, other than a discount of same value (£350.00 ex VAT) on a new Jellyfish Bot from P&D Marine Services Ltd.


From chemicals, oil, farm run-off to plastics and general waste, the new Jellyfishbot can search out and remove the pollution from the water quickly and effectively offering you a safe and timely solution to the growing issue of pollution in our waterways.

Find out more about the remote-controlled waste collector here.

For clarity on any terms relating to the P&D Marine Services 'free clean up' competition - please contact us here.

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