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P & D Launch Jellyfishbot

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Removing Pollution from your Waterway

P & D have launched their innovative new waste collection robot designed to remove pollution from our water in the UK.

From chemicals, oil and farm run-off to plastics and general waste, the new Jellyfishbot can search our and remove pollution from the water quickly, offering you a safe and timely solution to the growing issue of pollution in our waterways.

Compact in size, the remote-controlled waste collector can easily access hard-to-reach and shallow areas such as in between boats, against floating platforms etc.

It's compact design also makes it easy to transport and store, whilst still maintaining high cleaning efficiency performance.

The waste collection robot is powered by LiFePO4 batteries ensuring it is completely emission-free. This clean technology is completely at the service of the environment!

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