Roodberg Boat Handling Equipment

Pontoon & Dock are proud to be sole agents in the U.K. and Ireland for this world-beating high-quality range of boat-handling equipment.

With over 40 years’ experience of designing and building boat handling equipment, Roodberg can supply you with the very best in boat handling equipment.

Small Slipway Trailers

Roodberg have recently introduced a new range of 5 and 10T Trailers. This is a very basic design - what you see is what you get!

The frame of the trailer is lifted hydraulically using the wheel suspension and the nose of the trailer can also be lifted and the rear lowered

to allow a boat to slide off into the water. This is a very cost-effective way of moving boats and will be attractive to those marinas which handle a lot of small boats, to yacht clubs and boatyards handling small craft. Stock is currently held in the Netherlands, however a number of 5T and 10T trailers have been delivered to the UK which are available for demonstration.

Yacht Cranes

Roodberg offers a complete range of boat handling equipment. The range has been developed using the extensive experience of the Roodberg sales staff, engineers, workmen and client feedback. Roodberg and it's sister company Vermeer, design and build a range of single-hook and 4-hook yacht cranes which can be supplied as electrically or hydraulically operated.

The advantage of a 4-hook crane is that the vessel can always be lifted in a horizontal plane and there is considerably more control over the vessel while being lifted. Although costing more to purchase, hydraulically operated cranes, using the same tried and tested engineering to be found in hotel/apartment/office lifts, will prove to be more reliable and, in the long run, cost less to operate and service than electrically operated units.

Available from 4 – 100 ton, height and reach can be adapted to your requirements. The Roodberg Static Power Crane is equipped with:

  • Electrical chain hoists.

  • Electrical cable winches.

  • 1 hoisting point using a hoisting frame.

  • 4 independently controllable hoisting points without the need of a hoisting frame.

Trailers & Boat Movers

Hydraulic Boat Trailer

The Roodberg Hydraulic Boat Trailer is a boat mover designed to launch and recover boats on a slipway, transport the boats over land and park them in a storage area. Because it has an open U-frame design, including hydraulically operated variable width, it is the world's fastest way to handle boats. An agricultural tractor or reach truck is used to pull the boat mover. It uses the hydraulic facility of the pulling vehicle for all functions of the boat trailer. The boats are supported on large soft pads to give maximum comfort to the hull. The frame and the pads are independently adjustable in height, to keep the boat horizontal and vertical under all circumstances. The drawbar is extendable to fit boats of different lengths. The hydraulic cylinders are specially designed and manufactured by Roodberg and all lifting cylinders are manufactured including built-in safety valves.​

Self-Propelled Slipway Trailer

Instead of using a pulling vehicle to tow the hydraulic boat mover, Roodberg can offer a self propelled version. This is done by adding a raised motor compartment. These self propelled trailers can either be operated from the driver's position or by means of a remote control.


Powered Slipway Hoist

Roodberg Powered Slipway Hoist is a particularly useful piece of boat handling equipment. Lifting just about any form of hull in and out of the water, this hoist also enables a yard to lift boats on and off trucks.


Specials & Other Types

Roodberg also produce other types of trailers and boat movers. These include a Slipway Sling Lift, Cradle Transporters (for just carrying boats in cradles) and trailers for carrying narrow/canal boats.

Power Hoists

Roodberg offers a complete range of boat handling equipment. The range has been developed using the extensive experience of the Roodberg sales staff, engineers, workmen and client feedback. Roodberg power hoist engineering means you have a superior boat moving product, that gives you a superior return on investment.

The Roodberg Pacific Series

Capacity ranges from 90 tonnes to 1000 tonnes.

The Roodberg Atlantic Series

Capacity ranges from 20 tonnes to 100 tonnes.


Roodberg designs and supplies specialist boat handling equipment for all sorts of military boats.

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