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P&D Marine Services supply a range of high quality, market leading boat hoists designed to keep your boatyard or marina operating all year round. 

Roodberg Boat Hoist

With over 40 years’ experience designing and building boat handling equipment, Roodberg Power hoists have capabilities ranging from 25T to 540T.

Roodberg Boat Hoist Features:

  • compact, maneuverable and remotely controllable.

  • smart, solid and maintenance-friendly design.

  • composed of the strongest, smoothly finished materials.

  • highest quality, worldwide available components.


BoatLift Italy produce a range of travel lifts from 25T to 1100T.  Combining years of research and development, Boat Lift travel hoists feature a wealth of accessories and options for boatyard operations. 

Standard Features Include:

  • Independent and electronically synchronized winches

  • Wheels steered at ± 45 °

  • Movable blocks

  • Remote controls

  • Anti-corrosion paint

  • Tele-assistance

Roodberg UK
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