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P&D Marine Services offer a complete range of slipway trailers and boat movers from some of the worlds leading marina brands. 

Roodberg Boat Mover

Roodberg has been manufacturing slipway trailers and boat movers for over 40 years. Designed with ease of use in mind, Roodberg slipway trailers are available with capabilities from 5T through to 100T. 

Roodberg Boat Mover & Trailer Features:

  • Prevents damage to hull of boats solid, safe, durable.

  • Choice of towed or self-propelled trailers.

  • Limited maintenance and inspection costs.

  • Quick return of investment by saving time and wages.

Boat Industrial Lift

BoatLift motorised trailers are designed for the fast lifting and handling of crafts and are ideal for saving time and space within shipyards, ports and marinas - capable of moving up to 240T. 
In the multidirectional version, the 90°- degree steering of all wheel groups allow the lateral movement of the equipment that makes it possible to save space when manoeuvring and laying up. This is an exclusive feature patented by BoatLift.

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