P&D Marine Services offer a range of boat storage equipment. From yacht cradles and stands, through to dry stack storage. 


For the maintenance and winter storage of boats, Mecanorem offers a comprehensive range of storage equipment, designed to fit almost every type of boat.

Equipment Includes:

  • Trolleys

  • ‘V’ Stands

  • Cradles

  • Mast Trolleys

  • Onboard Trolleys


Roodberg has been designing, manufacturing and supplying suspension and mounting frames for boats of various sizes and weight classes for over 40 years.


The T-suspension frame is notable in that it is designed especially for transport with the U-shaped Roodberg trailers. The great advantage is that you do not need a crane to get your boat into storage. In addition, Roodberg also develops, manufactures and supplies four-point hoisting sheers. These have ‘ears’ on the outside, so that you can easily move your boat with a trailer.


Tennamast is the UK’s leading manufacturer of award winning yacht cradles, including the Arran yacht cradle, offering a large selection of cradles.


As creators of the award winning modular support system, designs are recognised throughout the sailing community as being the best on the market for quality, value and functionality. All cradles and props are manufactured in house by yacht cradle engineers based in Scotland. 


Dry stack storage allows a marina to accommodate a large number of boats, but is traditionally limited to the speed by which a forklift driver can find a vessel, pull it, manoeuvre around obstacles and drop it in the water.


CAPRIA S.A. modernised this process with its state-of-the-art storage and launching solution. CE-marked and built to the high standards of ISO 9001 criteria, its Top-Running Crane and Frontal Launcher can get a boat from dry stack to floating in less than three minutes.


Working with some of the worlds leading brands such as Brownell, Roodberg, Mecanorem and others, P&D Marine Services can find a boat storage solution to suit your requirements. 

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