Capria Dry Stack Storage System

Dry stack storage allows a marina to accommodate a large number of boats, but is traditionally limited to the speed by which a forklift driver can find a vessel, pull it, manoeuvre around obstacles and drop it in the water. CAPRIA S.A. modernised this process with its state-of-the-art storage and launching solution. CE-marked and built to the high standards of ISO 9001 criteria, its Top-Running Crane and Frontal Launcher can get a boat from dry stack to floating in less than three minutes.

The CAPRIA system has low initial capital expenditure. It can be installed without concrete flooring. Compact, it allows for higher stacking, a smaller building footprint and narrower aisles—the longest boat stored plus two meters—than conventional methods. The space savings is commonly put to better use as additional customer parking stalls.

Operating costs are lower, too. Insurance, maintenance and human resources are less compared to a traditional stacking system. Because of the ability to house the CAPRIA system in a smaller space—25% less for the same number of stored vessels.

Eco-friendly, the CAPRIA system is all-electric. There are no exhaust fumes and it's completely silent, making for safer working conditions.

An optimized CAPRIA stacking solution is one Top-Running Crane and two Frontal Launchers per 250–300 boats. This combination of reduced initial investment, high yield and customer loyalty result in increased profits.

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