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Our training staff all have extensive experience of working in the boat yard industry on an operational level. This enables us to share a wealth of knowledge and skills to ensure safe and efficient operations. 

We offer machine (operators) training along with general yard procedures which includes chocking and shoring, general yard safety and more. We also offer a range of courses relating to safety in the water.

Boatyard training is often something that is overlooked or taken for granted. However in the modern world, being able to prove that your staff have received proper certified training is becoming more and more important. We also work with bodies such as British Marine and others to advise and assist within this specialised sector.

We are the sole providers of Roodberg approved training in the operation of their machines within the UK. We also offer training on all boat equipment brands to the higher NPORS standard if preferred, and our training is approved by many insurance companies, often attracting discounts on premiums.

For sites that have operated for many years, we can also offer competency assessments to give you the reassurance and accreditation you may require. All of our training is a mixture of classroom and practical sessions and includes recorded certification for each successful individual. 

Utilising our wide range of experience of hands on work in yards at all levels plus knowledge from equipment manufacturers and other key parties, we have written (and successfully delivered many times!) our own yard safety and general operations training. This includes chocking and shoring of boats as and where required. Yard operations are a little supported area of the marine industry, and we tailor this training to your site and requirements. Like most of our training course, this combines theory and practical work so as to provide a good all round training experience for the candidates. This is certified by us, supported by our instructors being experienced and qualified to levels such as Advanced Marina Manager and Certified Marina Professional.

Through our professional network of instructors we can also offer a complete suite of further training, such as working at height, manual handling and much more.

For a quote or more information, please get in touch. 

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