Boat Lift

BOAT LIFT Travel Lift

The BOAT LIFT Travel Lift can be used in any dock or boatyard for hauling and launching operations and guarantee the upmost safety and reliability. To meet operators’ needs all of our machines feature the electronic control steering system for perfect wheel alignment under any circumstances, relieving the operator from frequent and manual alignment operations that are typical to conventional systems. The 90°- degree steering system (optional) makes our machines easy to manoeuvre with reduced radius of action and guarantees a perfect functionality even when dealing with a lack of space. Machines are available both standard and amphibious. 

BOAT LIFT Trailers

BOAT LIFT motorised trailers are designed for the fast lifting and handling of crafts and are ideal for saving time and space within shipyards, ports and marinas. BOAT LIFT motorised trailers are equipped with a lowered engine compartment in order to reduce as much as possible the vertical space occupied as well as to guarantee a better use and positioning of boats. The engine compartment is also fitted with a covering that has the function of reducing the engine noise and preventing water penetration. BOAT LIFT motorised trailers are also provided with a device that allows the gradual speeding up and slowing down of the trailer and avoids risky oscillations of the boat during transportation. Our trailers are equipped with a self-levelling system that guarantees stability to the load even in case of uneven roadbeds. In the multidirectional version the 90°- degree steering of all wheel groups allow the lateral movement of the equipment that makes it possible to save space when manoeuvring and laying up. This is an exclusive feature patented by BOAT LIFT.

BOAT LIFT also supply a range of on road trailers, self-propelled amphibious trailers and industrial moving trucks. For more information on these products, please get in touch.

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