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The Brownell sailboat stands are made to the same high standards as their motorboat stands. They have a 23-degree angled base allowing for better support against sailboat hulls. They are also suitable for powerboats with steep-angled hulls. The stands are very versatile. With the angled base and swivel top they can safely support virtually any boat.


When not in use these yacht stands nest for storage. They are much more portable than cradles and can be moved manually.


These hot-dipped galvanised stands offer long-lasting durability and come with a lifetime warranty. Brownell believes in safety first. They are independently tested and certified to a safe working load of 20,000lbs (9100kgs). All Stands come with a lifetime warranty


How it works - the majority of the vessel’s weight rests on its keel on either wood blocking or keel stands. The yacht stands balance the load with one stand approximately every 8’ – 10’ (3 meters) along each side of the boat. With sailboat stands, it is crucial that a chain connects the stands across the width of the boat (port to starboard). A slot on each base allows for the chain to prevent the stands from slipping. We recommend a V-Top stand at the center line towards the bow to avoid the boat tipping forward on its keel.

Brownell yacht stand SB1G.webp


6′ Sailboat Stand

  • Hot Dip galvanised to ASTM A123 standard

  • Height: 64”- 79” (163 cm – 201 cm)

  • Weight: 78 lbs. (35.4 kg)

  • Precision-cut Acme threaded, solid steel center rod for easy adjustment even under load

  • 23-degree angled base

  •  A swivel top. See our range of  STAND TOPS

  • Price £218.19 (ex VAT)

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