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The Micfil filtration system removes water, mud, particles, bacteria and all types of sediment from fuel and oil. The system is easy to maintain, to operate and an affordable solution for fixed and mobile tank cleaning.  The filter system removes water, mud, bacteria and particles/sediments down to approx. 0.5 μm from diesel and light hydraulic oil. Water and contaminants down to 10 μm can be drained easily with the drain valve fitted on the systems.

Benefits of Micfil filters:

  • Cleaner fuel – Less emissions & better economy. Typically achieve 3-5% fuel economy through filtration.

  • Cleaner fuel – Reduced above piston engine wear (extended life of injectors). Typically see 2 to 3 fold increase in the life of injectors.

  • Cleaner fuel – Less contamination of engine oil as less particulates and therefore less ring and liner wear

  • Cleaner oil – Less wear to engine components

  • Cleaner oil – Fewer engine oil changes – less waste.  20,000 hrs (and more) between lubrication oil changes is not unusual (with regular oil sampling).

  • Cleaner fuel & oil – Lower maintenance costs.

  • Dehydration of hydraulic oil to improve operations and reduce maintenance costs.

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